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ESL Lesson Plan: Steve Jobs

(Written September 2011, before the death of Steve Jobs) In August 2011, Steve Jobs announced his retirement once again from Apple Computers, and the world has since reacted with expressions of great sentimentality, recounting just how much Jobs has contributed ...

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ESL Lesson Plan: JK Rowling

Watching Harry Potter one weekend inspired me to re-watch JK Rowling’s interview on Oprah, which then reminded me that Rowling had given Harvard University’s commencement speech in 2008. And what a great speech that was. Themes This commencement speech has two ...

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ESL Lesson Plan: Stroke of Insight

Themes for Discussion The brain – the left and right hemisphere Left brain – logic, details Right brain – consciousness, the big picture Attitude What defines our identities Is Nirvana possible here on Earth?  What would you do if that ...

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