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Numbers 100 – 1 million | English Pronunciation & Vocabulary Lesson

Pronouncing numbers correctly is important in America, a culture that is always thinking about money and time. There is more than one way to say numbers, which may change in different contexts.

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Counting the Numbers 0 – 100 | English Pronunciation & Vocabulary Lesson

A very simple lesson! Here is a list of how English speakers say the numbers 0 to 100.

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Numbers 11 – 90 (Teens and Tens) | American & British English Pronunciation Lesson

Pronouncing numbers correctly is essential to avoid misunderstandings when discussing prices, trading phone numbers and so much more. This lesson uses both American and British English pronunciation.

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How to Say the Numbers 0 – 10 in English | Pronunciation Lesson

Knowing how to say numbers correctly is essential to avoid misunderstandings over prices, amounts and sizes. In this lesson, practice saying the basic numbers of English: zero through ten (0 - 10).

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“th” [θ] [ð] Pronunciation | Saying the Dates in English

Today is a very special day on the calendar--it's Leap Day! Today is February 29th, a day that comes around only once every four years, to make sure our calendars remain accurate. Knowing how to say the calendar dates in English is not only practical, but a great way to practice pronunciation of the "th" consonant sound.

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How to Tell Time in English

With everyone's busy schedules, it's important to "watch the clock" and stay on schedule. So, there's a good chance that if you're living in America, you will be asked for the time or you will need to ask someone for the time. Here are some basic rules for time telling.

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