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Berries in English | Vocabulary and Pronunciation Lesson

In writing the lesson on fruit in English, I realized there is a such a wide variety of berries, that they deserved their own separate post!

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Fruit Vocabulary and Pronunciation in English

Here is a list of fruit said in American English. Notice the vowel sounds, such as [ae] vs. [ɛ] and [iy] vs. [I] with each word, and also notice the stress and de-stressing on the syllables. The words of fruit are said in the singular (1 piece of fruit) and the plural (2 or more piece of fruit). Notices how some plural endings are pronounced as an [s] and some as a [z].

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How to Order Food in a Restaurant in English

The American culture is a restaurant culture. Americans love eating out, getting take out, getting deliveries (especially here in NYC), and we even love getting our food through a drive thru, where we don't have to get out of our cars. Given that America is a diverse country by its heritage, non-native English speakers are confronted with a huge variety of menu options and etiquette in restaurants and cafes.

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