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A Lesson on Thanksgiving | An American Holiday

Thanksgiving is one of the most special days of the year for the American family. It marks the official start of the holiday season in the USA!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! | Vocabulary & Expressions

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love in America. And without a doubt, it's also a day of shopping. Boyfriends and girlfriends who have been dating for more than a couple of weeks, as well as wives and husbands across the country, will be expected to buy cards, chocolates, flowers and gifts for their sweeties.

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Dating in America | English Vocabulary and Expressions

I get so many questions from foreigners and ESL students -- from Europe, Asia and Latin America -- about the concept of dating in America. It wasn't until I lived in Europe myself did I realize that dating is a uniquely American concept!

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Giving a Tip in America

I've often heard ESL students wondering what to leave as a tip (a little extra cash for services received, also called gratuity) in America. The tipping system doesn't exist in all countries, but it's an essential custom in the American system!

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The Importance of Eye Contact

In America, where Elemental English is based, confident and appropriate body language is extremely important when speaking and listening, and this means maintaining eye contact.

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