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How to Improve Your English Pronunciation | Part 3

This lesson is part 3 in the series, “How to Improve Your Pronunciation”

Many of my students, no matter what country they are from, are worried about not being understood by native English speakers. They often feel confused as to why they are not understood.

Why don’t people understand me when I speak English?

Here is one of the secrets about why some English language learners are not understood.


They speak English with the music, rhythm and mouth positions of their first language

instead of

the music, rhythm and mouth positions of English!

It seems so obvious, but this is a mistake that so many English language learners make. Speaking with the music and mouth positions of your first language instead of English is what leads others to respond with “excuse me?” or “I didn’t understand that” when you speak.

How to Improve Your Pronunciation | Re-train your mouth

Move and stretch your mouth muscles, your lips and your tongue into positions they don’t go to naturally from your first language.

Don’t speak English in the comfort zone of your first language! You need to:

the way native English speakers do!

Even if it’s not comfortable or natural — the comfort of English’s mouth positions will come in time and with practice.

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