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[ɛ] vs. [æ] | English Vowel Pronunciation


Practice distinguishing the [ɛ] vs. [æ] vowel sounds, to avoid confusing various words in English.

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[ɪ] vs. [iy] Vowel Sounds | English Pronunciation Lesson

iy i updated elemental english

Use this lesson to improve distinguishing commonly mixed up vowel sounds: [iy] vs. [ɪ].

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Pronunciation of Vowel Sounds in Spoken English (with IPA)


Get comfortable with moving your mouth in new positions to correct pronounce vowel sounds in English.

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[ey] vowel sound | English Pronunciation Lesson

ey vowel sound elemental english

Practice pulling your lips back to create the [ey] vowel sound and to avoid confusion.

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[ə]: The De-Stressed Schwa Vowel Sound | Part 1 | English Pronunciation Lesson

de-stressed schwa sound elemental english

Practice the most de-stressed sound in English as an important part of creating rhythm and music in your speech.

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[uw] vowel sound | English Pronunciation Lesson


This English pronunciation lesson will practice connecting the [uw] vowel sound to words that follow.

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[ow] vowel sound | English Pronunciation Lesson

hippo 300x160

Connected speech is most clearly heard when we connect a consonant to a vowel. However, sometimes this consonant-vowel linking comes when two words are connected by two vowels. Learn how to connect vowels in this lesson.

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