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Already, Yet, Still | English Grammar Lesson

"Already", "yet" and "still" are words we use to add time references to our sentences, especially when using the present perfect tense.

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“ago” “since” “for” | Time References in English

It can be confusing to know which word to use to refer to time in English. Practice the uses of "ago" "since" and "for" to refer to time in this lesson.

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Time Expressions in English

There are plenty of words in English that can help us clarify exactly or approximately when an action did or did not happen. Here is a lesson on how to use eight of these time expressions.

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How to Tell Time in English

With everyone's busy schedules, it's important to "watch the clock" and stay on schedule. So, there's a good chance that if you're living in America, you will be asked for the time or you will need to ask someone for the time. Here are some basic rules for time telling.

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