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How to Present Like Steve Jobs (Video | BNET.com)

Steve Jobs is gone, but never forgotten. Not only are we still reaping the rewards of his genius vision for Apple, but people around the world are still benefitting from the lessons Steve Jobs modeled about giving a first-rate presentation. English students will often be asked to give oral presentations in class, and following the tips in this BNET.com Video "Present like Steve Jobs" is a great way to get your message across clearly and effectively.

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ESL Lesson on Perseverance | Finding Nemo

“Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!” All of us language teachers and language learners know how effective repetition (a.k.a. frequency) can be in transferring explicitly learned knowledge (think flash cards and memorization) to implicit knowledge (it just comes out of your mouth naturally!). ...

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ESL Lesson Plan: Steve Jobs

(Written September 2011, before the death of Steve Jobs) In August 2011, Steve Jobs announced his retirement once again from Apple Computers, and the world has since reacted with expressions of great sentimentality, recounting just how much Jobs has contributed ...

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