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Question: How can I stop inserting schwas [ə] in my speech?


Read Larissa's answer to the question "How can my student stop inserting schwas [ə] in their speech?"

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How to Improve English for Native Chinese Speakers | Top 5 Tips | 纯正美语发音 | 純正美語發音 | 免费在线英文课程 | 免費在線英文課程


Top 5 Tips to help Chinese English Language Learners speak more clearly.

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How to Disagree Politely in English


Successful communication in English requires that your listener hears what you have to say. Therefore, if you want to disagree with someone, it's important for you as the English speaker to disagree politely.

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Introduction to Intonation | English Pronunciation Lesson

music-clipartMUSIC1 copy

Native English speakers convey meaning in their sentences with pitch -- the ups and downs and the musical notes of their sentences. Learn how to avoid being monotone, and go beyond correct grammar and vocabulary to express yourself.

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How to Become Less Nervous and More Confident when Speaking English

shy bee

Sometimes students get nervous, anxious and insecure when speaking English out loud and in front of other people. Use these techniques to become more confident when speaking English.

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How to Improve Your English: Content vs. Language When Speaking


Even when English language learners know a correct rule of grammar in English, when they are speaking and focusing on content, they make mistakes. Learn how to correct this problem.

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[t], [d] or [Id]? | “-ed” Past Tense | English Pronunciation Lesson


This lesson will introduce you to the reasons why the past tense of verbs in English ending in "-ed" are pronounced in three different ways: [t], [d] or [Id].

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Stress and Rhythm in American English Pronunciation (Part 1)


Many students think that learning English is about learning grammar, consonants, vowels, and vocabulary. These form the basic foundation of a language, however, if you want to be understood when speaking American English, and if you want to understand native speakers, it is essential that you improve your stress and rhythm.

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How to Present Like Steve Jobs (Video | BNET.com)


Steve Jobs is gone, but never forgotten. Not only are we still reaping the rewards of his genius vision for Apple, but people around the world are still benefitting from the lessons Steve Jobs modeled about giving a first-rate presentation. English students will often be asked to give oral presentations in class, and following the tips in this BNET.com Video "Present like Steve Jobs" is a great way to get your message across clearly and effectively.

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How to Greet People in America


Americans tend to be more casual than countries with older cultures. This means that Americans will most likely not kiss or hug a person they are meeting for the first time or even after. Here are different ways to say 'hello' and 'how are you' in everyday English.

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