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Q&A: How do you say “wanted”? | English Pronunciation

Practice deleted sounds in English to improve your ability to understand native English speakers.

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Connected speech here? | A Quick Question

Get a quick answer and explanation about connecting speech in English.

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Question: How can I stop inserting schwas [ə] in my speech?

Read Larissa's answer to the question "How can my student stop inserting schwas [ə] in their speech?"

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“Whaddya” (what + do + you) | English Pronunciation Lesson

Practice asking questions with the phrase "whaddya" (what + do + you) the way Native English speakers do.

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Intonation: Expressing Surprise | Part 5 | English Pronunciation Lesson

Practice using the rising intonation to show a speaker that you are surprised by what he or she just said.

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Intonation: Asking a wh-question (what, where, who, why, when, how) | Part 3 | English Pronunciation Lesson

Practice your intonation -- the musical pattern at the end of your sentence -- going down when asking wh-questions.

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