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Already, Yet, Still | English Grammar Lesson

already yet still elemental english

"Already", "yet" and "still" are words we use to add time references to our sentences, especially when using the present perfect tense.

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Present Perfect Continuous Verb Tense | English Grammar Lesson

present perfect continous verbs elemental english

We use the present perfect continuous form of verbs to express two types of actions. Learn those rules and practice with sample sentences in this lesson.

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Present Perfect Verb Tense | English Grammar Lesson

present perfect verbs updated elemental english

Practice talking about the general, non-specific past in English using the present perfect verb tense.

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ESL Lesson Plan: JK Rowling


Watching Harry Potter one weekend inspired me to re-watch JK Rowling’s interview on Oprah, which then reminded me that Rowling had given Harvard University’s commencement speech in 2008. And what a great speech that was. Themes This commencement speech has two ...

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