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Same Verbs and Nouns + Syllable Stress | English Pronunciation Lesson

When a noun/adjective is spelled the exact same was as a verb in English, distinguish the two sounds by shifting their syllable stress.

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Gerunds: -ing action words in English | English Grammar Lesson

Gerunds look like verbs, sound like verbs, smell like verbs, but they're not verbs -- they're nouns! Practice using them in this grammar lesson with video and audio.

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When to Use No Article “the”: Speaking Generally (Part 4) | English Grammar Lesson

Articles in English can be difficult to understand, but you can master this rule when to use no article--when you speak generally.

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3 Sounds of the Plural “s” in English: [s], [z] or [ɪz] | English Pronunciation Lesson

Practice the three ways of saying the plural "s" ending in English: [s], [z] and [ɪz].

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