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Pronouncing “t” at the end of sentences | English Pronunciation Lessons


Practice the subtle way native English speakers say the "t" at the end of sentences.

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Silent Sounds in English | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice the pronunciation of words in English with silent consonant sounds, so that you don't get confused by the spelling.

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Consonant Clusters | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice changing the sounds of groups of consonants in words to speak with more efficiency and music, like a native English speaker.

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[t] + [y] –> “ch” [tʃ] | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice transforming the [t] + [y] --> "ch" [tʃ] as native English speakers do to improve your listening skills.

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[l] vs. [r] | English Pronunciation Lesson for Japanese Speakers | アメリカ英語の発音 | 無料オンライン英語教材

l r udated elemental english

Japanese and other English language learners can practice distinguishing the [l] and [r] sounds with this lesson.

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[v] vs. [b] | English Pronunciation Lesson for Spanish Speakers | La Pronunciación de Inglés: Lección


Spanish speakers must be careful to distinguish the [b] and [v] sounds by paying careful attention to their lips and teeth.

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[dʒ] “dg” and [z] vs. [ʒ] “zh” | English Pronunciation Lesson for Koreans (+ others!)

z dg zh consonant sound elemental english

Korean and other English language learners can improve distinguishing the [dʒ] "dg", [z], and [ʒ] "zh" consonant sounds in English to increase clarity.

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[v] vs. [w] Consonant Sounds | English Pronunciation Lesson for Turkish and Iranian/Farsi/Persian Speakers


Practice distinguishing the [v] and [w] consonant sounds in English, which will be especially helpful for Turkish and Iranian Persian (Farsi) speaking English students.

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“th” [θ] [ð] consonant sounds | English Pronunciation Lesson

th pronunciation english

Learn how to pronounce the "th" [θ] and [ð] sounds correctly in English, so that they don't mistakenly come out as [t], [s], [d] or [z] sounds.

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“sh” [ʃ] vs.”ch” [tʃ] | English Pronunciation Lesson

sh ch elementalenglish koochaloos 620 330 copy

Some English language learners, especially native Thai and Spanish speakers, have a hard time distinguishing the "sh" [ʃ] and "ch" [tʃ] sounds in English, but they are clearly different. Practice these consonant sounds in this lesson.

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