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Connected speech here? | A Quick Question

qa QUICK ep 1 620 330 elemental english

Get a quick answer and explanation about connecting speech in English.

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Connected Speech Practice | English Pronunciation Lesson

connected speech practice elemental english 620 300

Practice connected speech as native English speakers use it to improve your own pronunciation and listening skills.

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Consonant + Vowel Connected Speech | English Pronunciation Lesson

consonant vowel connected speech elemental english 620

One important way in which native English speakers add musicality to their speech is to connect consonants to vowel sounds (C+V). Practice C+ V with this lesson.

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“h”-deletion with Connected Speech | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice connected speech when deleting the "h" in certain function words.

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Pronunciation + Listening Practice in English | Ep. 2

pronunciation practice 10.17 elemental english ep 2

Practice the transformation of pronunciation in this question and answer to improve your speaking and listening skills in Episode 2.

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Pronunciation + Listening Practice in English! | Stress, Rhythm, Connected Speech, Deletion & Transformation

pronunciation practice elemental english2

Practice your English pronunciation, including stress, rhythm, connected speech, deletion and transformation, while improving your listening skills!

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“Whaddya” (what + do + you) | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice asking questions with the phrase "whaddya" (what + do + you) the way Native English speakers do.

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Connected Speech: Consonants + Consonants | English Pronunciation Lesson


Use connected speech to link consonants together (C+C) and speak with more efficiency and clarity.

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[uw] vowel sound | English Pronunciation Lesson


This English pronunciation lesson will practice connecting the [uw] vowel sound to words that follow.

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[ow] vowel sound | English Pronunciation Lesson

hippo 300x160

Connected speech is most clearly heard when we connect a consonant to a vowel. However, sometimes this consonant-vowel linking comes when two words are connected by two vowels. Learn how to connect vowels in this lesson.

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