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[ə]: The De-Stressed Schwa Vowel Sound | Part 2 | English Pronunciation Lesson

de-stressed schwa sound elemental english part 2

Practice de-stressing function words in English down to a schwa [ə] as an important part of creating rhythm and music in your speech.

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[p] vs. [b] | English Pronunciation Lesson for Arabic Speakers | US & UK English | تعلم اللهجة الامريكية على الانترنت, كلمات انجليزية أمريكية

peppers 300x160

Native Arabic speakers tend to have difficulty in distinguishing the [b] and [p] sounds when speaking English. Practice these sounds (and vowels) in this lesson.

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Numbers 11 – 90 (Teens and Tens) | American & British English Pronunciation Lesson

calculator 300 x 160

Pronouncing numbers correctly is essential to avoid misunderstandings when discussing prices, trading phone numbers and so much more. This lesson uses both American and British English pronunciation.

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