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Syllable Stress + Pronunciation Practice | Months of the Year

syllable stress months 620 elemental english

Practice stressing and de-stressing syllables to create the music of English in your speech with the months of the year.

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How to Learn and Remember Vocabulary in English


Use these techniques to help you to learn and remember vocabulary in English.

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‘Both’, ‘neither’ or ‘either’ | English Vocabulary

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"Both", "neither", and "either" are terms used to describe 0, 1 or 2 of something, while emphasizing its relationship in a group of 2.

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Numbers 100 – 1 million | English Pronunciation & Vocabulary Lesson


Pronouncing numbers correctly is important in America, a culture that is always thinking about money and time. There is more than one way to say numbers, which may change in different contexts.

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List of the U.S. States | English Pronunciation Lesson


This is an English vocabulary lesson: a list (in alphabetical order) of the 50 states that make up the United States of America, plus the District of Columbia, better known as Washington, D.C.

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Counting the Numbers 0 – 100 | English Pronunciation & Vocabulary Lesson

bee animals money

A very simple lesson! Here is a list of how English speakers say the numbers 0 to 100.

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Numbers 11 – 90 (Teens and Tens) | American & British English Pronunciation Lesson

calculator 300 x 160

Pronouncing numbers correctly is essential to avoid misunderstandings when discussing prices, trading phone numbers and so much more. This lesson uses both American and British English pronunciation.

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10 Steps to Improving Your English Language and Pronunciation Skills | Part 2


This post is the second in a series on How to Improve Your English Language and Pronunciation Skills.

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Berries in English | Vocabulary and Pronunciation Lesson


In writing the lesson on fruit in English, I realized there is a such a wide variety of berries, that they deserved their own separate post!

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How to Say the Numbers 0 – 10 in English | Pronunciation Lesson


Knowing how to say numbers correctly is essential to avoid misunderstandings over prices, amounts and sizes. In this lesson, practice saying the basic numbers of English: zero through ten (0 - 10).

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