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Silent Sounds in English | English Pronunciation Lesson

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English spelling can be very confusing, even for native English speakers. This is because English has been influenced by many other languages and has evolved over time. Although the sounds of English have changed over time, the spelling hasn’t always.

When learning a word in English, practice the sound of that word instead of just relying on the spelling, so that the written word doesn’t confuse your ability to ability to speak clearly. You can always check the pronunciation of a word at dictionary.com.

Let’s practice some words in English with silent consonant sounds.

Listen and Repeat

Silent “b”

  • “doubt” [dæuwt]
  • “debt” [dɛt]

Silent “c” 

  • “muscle” [mʌs səl]
  • “Connecticut” [kə  Nɛ  tɪ  kət]

Silent “l” 

  • “walk” [wɑk]
  • “talk” [tɑk]

Silent “g” 

  • “design” [də Zɑiyn]
  • “assignment” [ə Sɑiyn mɪnt]

Silent “n”

  • “autumn” [ɑw tʌm]
  • “condemn” [kən DɛM]

Silent “p”

  • psychology” [sɑiy KɑL lə dʒiy]
  • “receipt” [rə siyt]

Silent “w”

  • writing” [rɑiy tɪŋ]
  • wrong” [rɑwŋ]

Silent “k”

  • knife” [nɑiyf]
  • knew” [nuw]

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