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“Are you a Native English Speaker?” | Q&A with Larissa | Practice Your Listening Skills

“I answer your questions. You practice your listening skills.”


Listen to what I say while reading the text. Notice how I change the language:

  • What do I stress?
  • What do I de-stress?
  • Where does my voice (pitch) go up? down?
  • What words and sounds am I connecting?
  • What words and sounds am I creating from those connections?
  • What sounds and words am I deleting?

Do this several times, then watch the video WITHOUT reading the text. Do you understand more? Do this repeatedly. Remember to be an active listener!


Hey guys!

It’s Larissa from ElementalEnglish.com.

Today’s question is from Farhad in Iran. Farhad asks,

“Are you a native English speaker?”

Yes! I am! I was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City. So, just outside New York City, where all the families live. Umm… I… only speak English fluently. I speak a couple other languages okay.

But I wish I spoke more languages fluently. That’s one of the big regrets of my life. That I wasn’t taught that, or I didn’t live abroad.

A lot of people ask me that. They probably get confused that I have this face, and they don’t associate this face with an American face.

Umm I’m first generation American. My parents came from Iran. They came in their early 20s ummm to go to school in America, and they stayed! So, me and my brother were born here.

umm… I’m so grateful to be a native English speaker, because I love to teach. I love language, and there are so many people who wanna learn English. So for me, being a native English speaker is perfect. ‘Cause of course, I love to teach it to you.

Ok? Great question! Aaaand I hope that helped.

Now you can go back and watch the video again if you want to practice your listening skills.

Notice how I change the language. What words am I lengthening? Look at what words are really short? Where’s my voice going up? And down?

That’s the music of English that’ll help you with your pronunciation. It’ll help you speak clearly and confidently, and learning pronunciation rules will help you to understand native English speakers even better. Okay? Good luck. See you late.

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