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Present Perfect Continuous Verb Tense | English Grammar Lesson

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We use the present perfect continuous form of verbs to express two types of actions:

  1. an action that began in the past and is still continuing; or
  2. an action that was recently finished, but continued for some time.


  • “I’ve been walking to school since last semester!”

Here, the pattern of walking to school started in the past and still continues in the present.

Form: Present Perfect Continuous Verb Tense

[has/have + ‘been’ + -ing form of verb]

There are specific times when we do NOT use the present perfect continuous:

  1. Talking about feelings, mental states, wants/likes. Iike, hope.
  2. Stative and appearance verbs. Recognize, belong, seem.


Let’s practice using the present perfect continuous verb tense in a conversation (try practicing with a partner). Pay attention to how I stress my content words and de-stress function words to create the music of English.

Listen and Repeat

  • Q: Have you been learning a lot at this school?
  • A: No, I haven’t been learning much here.
  • Q: Have you been getting enough sleep? You seem tired.
  • A: Yes, I’ve been getting enough sleep.
  • Q: Have you been exercising more since your leg’s healed?
  • A: Yes, I’ve been exercising twice a week.
  • Q: Have you been getting along with your new roommates in New York?
  • A: Yes, we’ve been getting along really well actually!
  • Q: Have you been enjoying living in Boston?
  • A: No, I haven’t been enjoying myself much here.

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