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[uw] vowel sound | English Pronunciation Lesson

This English pronunciation lesson will practice connecting the [uw] vowel sound to words that follow.

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How to Disagree Politely in English

Successful communication in English requires that your listener hears what you have to say. Therefore, if you want to disagree with someone, it's important for you as the English speaker to disagree politely.

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Introduction to Intonation | English Pronunciation Lesson

Native English speakers convey meaning in their sentences with pitch -- the ups and downs and the musical notes of their sentences. Learn how to avoid being monotone, and go beyond correct grammar and vocabulary to express yourself.

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How to Improve Your English Pronunciation | Part 3

Many of my students, no matter what country they are from, are worried about not being understood by native English speakers. This lesson offers important advice on how to improve your pronunciation.

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