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Excellent Writing in American Academic English | Top 5 Tips

Writing in English in an academic environment tends to post a challenge for English language learners, but these top pieces of advice will transform your writing at the university and graduate school levels.

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How to Improve English for Native Chinese Speakers | Top 5 Tips | 纯正美语发音 | 純正美語發音 | 免费在线英文课程 | 免費在線英文課程

Top 5 Tips to help Chinese English Language Learners speak more clearly.

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Underlying Goals of English Pronunciation | Things to Remember

When you are studying English pronunciation, it is important to remember the underlying goals of English speakers: to be clear and efficient.

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3 Sounds of the Plural “s” in English: [s], [z] or [ɪz] | English Pronunciation Lesson

Practice the three ways of saying the plural "s" ending in English: [s], [z] and [ɪz].

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