Stress & Rhythm

Can vs. Can’t Pronunciation | English Pronunciation Lesson
De-stressed Function Words (Part 2) | English Pronunciation Lesson
Pausing within Sentences | English Pronunciation Lesson
Same Verbs and Nouns + Syllable Stress 
Stress and Rhythm in English | A Quick Overview | English Pronunciation Lesson
Stress and Rhythm in American English Pronunciation (Part 1)
Syllable Stress & Pronunciation Practice | Months of the Year
“Whaddya” (what + do + you) | English Pronunciation Lesson
Emphasis in English | English Pronunciation Lesson

Connected Speech

Connected Speech & Linking | English Pronunciation Lesson
Connected Speech: Consonants + Consonants | English Pronunciation Lesson
Consonant + Vowel Pronunciation | Connected Speech | English Pronunciation Lesson
“h”-deletion | Connected Speech in English Pronunciation
Connected Speech Practice | English Pronunciation Lesson
Connected Speech Here? | A Quick Question


Pronunciation Practice!

(Use for listening practice, too!)
English Pronunciation Practice! | Rhythm, Connected Speech and Linking
Pronunciation + Listening Practice in English! | Stress, Rhythm, Connected Speech, Deletion & Transformation
Pronunciation + Listening Practice in English | Episode 2
Pronunciation + Listening Practice in English | Episode 3
Pronunciation + Listening Practice in English | Episode 4
Pronunciation + Listening Practice in English | Episode 5
Pronunciation + Listening Practice in English | Episode 6
Pronunciation + Listening Practice in English | Episode 7
Pronunciation + Listening Practice in English | Episode 8
Rhythm Practice: Stress + De-Stress


LISTENING | Q&A with Larissa

“Do you have a degree in English?” | Q&A with Larissa 
“Do you teach English in person?” | Q&A with Larissa (SUBTITLES) | Practice your Listening Skills
“Are you a Native English Speaker?” | Q&A with Larissa (SUBTITLES) | Practice Your Listening Skills
Study Abroad Advice for English Students | Q&A with Larissa (SUBTITLES) | Practice Your Listening Skills
New Years 2014 Video Message!


Verb tenses

Present Perfect Verb Tense in English Grammar
Present Perfect Continuous Verb Tense
Past Perfect Tense in English | had + past participle
Simple Past Tense Verbs | English Grammar Lesson
Future Tense in English: ‘going to’ vs. ‘will’
Third Conditional in English Grammar | the past, impossible hypothetical
Certainty or Possibility Modal Verbs in English: may | might | could
“Would”: Hypothetical + Conditional Situations | English Grammar Lesson


“ago” “since” “for” | Time References in English
‘Both’, ‘neither’ or ‘either’ | English Vocabulary
Already | Yet | Still in English
Using the Words “such” & “so” in English
Comparisons in English: More than, Less than
Very, pretty, so, really | Intensifiers English Language Lesson
Time Expressions in English
-ing action words in English Grammar | Gerunds

Active vs. Passive Voice

Active Voice vs. Passive Voice (Part 1) | English Grammar Lesson
The Passive Voice and Verb Tenses (Part 2) | English Grammar Lesson
The Passive Voice in English (Part 3) | Passive Only Events and Verbs


Articles | Using “a” or “the” in English Grammar | Part 1
When to use No article in English Grammar: Intro
When to Use No Article “the”: Speaking Generally | English Grammar
Q&A: The use of the article “the”


Prepositions in English: An Overview
Prepositions in English: Location | Part 2 | Sample Sentences
Prepositions in English: Location | Part 3


Excellent Writing in American Academic English | Top 5 Tips
Writing + Editing a Professional Email: Editing Practice!
Improve Your Writing in English: Editing Practice!


4 Key Steps to Improving Your American English Pronunciation and Accent
10 Steps to Improving Your English Language and Pronunciation Skills | Part 2
How to Become Less Nervous and More Confident when Speaking English
How to Disagree Politely in English
How to Greet People in America
How to Improve Your English: Content vs. Language When Speaking
How to Improve Your English Pronunciation | Part 3
How to Improve your English Listening Skills
How to Introduce Yourself or Another in English
How to Learn and Remember Vocabulary in English
How to Order Food in a Restaurant in English
How to Order at Starbucks | Part 1 | Pronunciation
How to Order at Starbucks Part 2 | English Pronunciation
How to Prepare for a Career Fair
How to Talk about Yourself in English
How to Talk about the Weather in English
How to Tell Time in English
How to Understand Native English Speakers | English Pronunciation Lesson


How to Improve English for Native Chinese Speakers | Top 5 Tips | 纯正美语发音 | 純正美語發音 | 免费在线英文课程 | 免費在線英文課程
English Lessons for Korean Speakers | 영어 발음 수업 | 온라인 영어 수업
English for Spanish Speakers | Lecciones gratuitas de Ingles Americano | Pronunciacion de Ingles
English Lessons for Thai Speakers | บทเรียน การออกเสียงภาษาอังกฤษ สำหรับคนไทย


Animals: Pets (and the sounds they make) | Part 1
Animals Vocabulary & Pronunciation (Part 2) | Life Lessons from Big Cats (TED)
Berries in English | Vocabulary and Pronunciation Lesson
Dating in America | English Vocabulary and Expressions
The Meaning of Et Cetera, etc.
Fruit Vocabulary and Pronunciation in English
Months of the Year in English | Pronunciation & Stress
How to Talk about the New York City Subway
Money Vocabulary and Slang
Seasons of the Year | English Vocabulary and Pronunciation
U.S. States in English | English Pronunciation Lesson
Valentine’s Day | Vocabulary & Expressions
Weddings and Getting Married in English


How to Say the Numbers 0 – 10 in English | Pronunciation Lesson
Counting the Numbers 0 – 100 | English Pronunciation & Vocabulary Lesson
Numbers 11 – 90 (Teens and Tens) | American & British English Pronunciation Lesson
Numbers 100 – 1 million | English Pronunciation & Vocabulary Lesson


Optimal Body Language in American Conversations
Giving a Tip in America
The Importance of Eye Contact
A Lesson on Thanksgiving | An American Holiday


Underlying Goals of English Pronunciation | Things to Remember
Interview with IELTS Juice’s Mehdi Safavi | All about the IELTS Exam


ESL Lesson on Perseverance | Finding Nemo
ESL Lesson Plan: JK Rowling
ESL Lesson Plan: Steve Jobs
ESL Lesson Plan: Stroke of Insight


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  7. Hello,

    first of all Thank you for such a helpful website i really have fun studying and practicing here.
    second of all 🙂 there is so many information and tips here but i don’t know what become first or from where i should start! Grammar, Vocabulary or Proununciation? Which on i should learn first as a new English learner?

    • As a new English language learner, my advice is don’t focus on any one skill. Research has shown that the best approach is a multi-skill approach–learn speaking, listening, reading and writing at the same time. Grammar and pronunciation, too. They all complement each other. Good luck! You can do it!

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