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Because we tend to bring our first language into our second languages, students tend to make the same errors as others from their same country. Review this list of English pronunciation lessons recommended for students based on their first languages.

English Pronunciation Lessons for Speakers of…

  • Arabic | Coming Soon!
  • Chinese
  • Farsi (Persian)  | Coming Soon!
  • French | Coming Soon!
  • Indonesian | Coming Soon!
  • Japanese | Coming Soon!
  • Korean | Coming Soon!
  • Spanish | Coming Soon!
  • Thai | Coming Soon!


  1. vishwanath verma

    English pronunciation for Indian speakers!

  2. I love your videos and we use them regularly in my pronunciation classes. I have found the the students with the most difficulty in terms of English pronunciation are those whose first language is Vietnamese. About half my current student population is Vietnamese and we would make good use of and pronunciation lessons targeted specifically at them–thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for the nice compliments! I’m so glad the videos have been useful to your students. I will make a lesson especially for your Vietnamese students. Are there any specific aspects of theirs you want me to address? Perhaps not deleting sounds or the pronunciation of certain consonants?

  3. Wilson Botelho Filho

    Congratulations for your excellent website. All the material is very useful, clear and easy to understand. I am always watching them, they are really very important to me.
    In addition, I think that it would also be interesting a Pronunciation section for Brazilian Portuguese speakers.

    Thank you.

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