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“h”-deletion | Connected Speech in English Pronunciation

Connected speech is a pronunciation technique that native English speakers unconsciously use to speak faster and with more flow. One way in which English speakers connect their speech is by deleting the [h] sound in the beginning of words. By deleting [h], we can connect two words and go directly into the vowel sound.

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Stress and Rhythm in American English Pronunciation (Part 1)

Many students think that learning English is about learning grammar, consonants, vowels, and vocabulary. These form the basic foundation of a language, however, if you want to be understood when speaking American English, and if you want to understand native speakers, it is essential that you improve your stress and rhythm.

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Connected Speech & Linking | English Pronunciation Lesson

One of the most important aspects of pronunciation and listening is to understand that Americans don't just speak fast--as many students believe--but that they connect their words and change the sounds of words.

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