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Pronunciation of Contracted Verbs: Must + have = “must’ve” [mʌstəv] | Part 6 | English Pronunciation Lesson


In Part 6 of this series, practice the pronunciation of "must've" (contracted from "must" + "have") to talk about a past event that you are certain took place.

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“th” [θ] [ð] consonant sounds | English Pronunciation Lesson

th pronunciation english

Learn how to pronounce the "th" [θ] and [ð] sounds correctly in English, so that they don't mistakenly come out as [t], [s], [d] or [z] sounds.

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“sh” [ʃ] vs.”ch” [tʃ] | English Pronunciation Lesson

sh ch elementalenglish koochaloos 620 330 copy

Some English language learners, especially native Thai and Spanish speakers, have a hard time distinguishing the "sh" [ʃ] and "ch" [tʃ] sounds in English, but they are clearly different. Practice these consonant sounds in this lesson.

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“Whaddya” (what + do + you) | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice asking questions with the phrase "whaddya" (what + do + you) the way Native English speakers do.

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/t/ + /r/ = [tʃ] “ch” | English Pronunciation Lesson

Trumpet copy

Practice transforming the [t] sound when it appears before the letter /r/.

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Pronunciation of Contracted Verbs: Would + have = would’ve | Part 2 | English Pronunciation Lesson


Learn how to contract the verbs would + have to say "would've" as is typically said in everyday English.

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Connected Speech: Consonants + Consonants | English Pronunciation Lesson


Use connected speech to link consonants together (C+C) and speak with more efficiency and clarity.

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Intonation: Unfinished Thoughts | Part 6 | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice the partial fall in intonation, which native English speakers use to tell their listener that he or she is not finished speaking.

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New Years 2014 Video Message!

new years message featured image

Watch and listen to Larissa's first New Years video message, and use this video to practice your listening skills.

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3 Sounds of the Plural “s” in English: [s], [z] or [ɪz] | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice the three ways of saying the plural "s" ending in English: [s], [z] and [ɪz].

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