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Articles: “the” in English Grammar | Part 2

articles part 2b the elemental english

Learn about and practice using the definite article "the" in this lesson.

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Articles: “a” “an” in English Grammar | Part 1

articles part 2 the elemental english

Learn about and practice the indefinite articles "a" and "an" with the examples in the lesson.

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Gerunds: -ing action words in English | English Grammar Lesson

gerunds elemental english

Gerunds look like verbs, sound like verbs, smell like verbs, but they're not verbs -- they're nouns! Practice using them in this grammar lesson with video and audio.

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Pronunciation of Vowel Sounds in Spoken English (with IPA)


Get comfortable with moving your mouth in new positions to correct pronounce vowel sounds in English.

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[ey] vowel sound | English Pronunciation Lesson

ey vowel sound elemental english

Practice pulling your lips back to create the [ey] vowel sound and to avoid confusion.

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[ə]: The De-Stressed Schwa Vowel Sound | Part 1 | English Pronunciation Lesson

de-stressed schwa sound elemental english

Practice the most de-stressed sound in English as an important part of creating rhythm and music in your speech.

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“Do you teach English in person?” | Q&A with Larissa (SUBTITLES)| Practice your Listening Skills


Listen to Larissa answer the question, "Do you teach in person in a classroom?" while practicing your English listening skills.

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“Are you a Native English Speaker?” | Q&A with Larissa | Practice Your Listening Skills

qaEP2 Elemental English listening skills

Practice your listening skills with Larissa's native English speaker's natural speech, which she answers the question "Are you a native English speaker?"

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[dʒ] “dg” and [z] vs. [ʒ] “zh” | English Pronunciation Lesson for Koreans (+ others!)

z dg zh consonant sound elemental english

Korean and other English language learners can improve distinguishing the [dʒ] "dg", [z], and [ʒ] "zh" consonant sounds in English to increase clarity.

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Study Abroad Advice for English Students | Q&A with Larissa | Practice Your Listening Skills

qa EE youtube thumbnail2

Listen to study abroad advice for English language learners while improving your listening skills!

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