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“h”-deletion with Connected Speech | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice connected speech when deleting the "h" in certain function words.

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Pronunciation + Listening Practice in English | Ep. 2

pronunciation practice 10.17 elemental english ep 2

Practice the transformation of pronunciation in this question and answer to improve your speaking and listening skills in Episode 2.

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[t] + [y] –> “ch” [tʃ] | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice transforming the [t] + [y] --> "ch" [tʃ] as native English speakers do to improve your listening skills.

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[ɛ] vs. [æ] | English Vowel Pronunciation


Practice distinguishing the [ɛ] vs. [æ] vowel sounds, to avoid confusing various words in English.

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Past Perfect Verb Tense in English | English Grammar Lesson


Learn when the past perfect verb tense is used and practice with examples.

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-ed ending: [t], [d] or [Id]? | A Quick Overview | English Pronunciation Lesson


Get a quick overview of the three pronunciations of the -ed ending in English in this lesson.

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Present Perfect Verb Tense | English Grammar Lesson

present perfect verbs updated elemental english

Practice talking about the general, non-specific past in English using the present perfect verb tense.

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Simple Past Verb Tense | English Grammar Lesson

simple past verbs updated elemental english

Practice using the simple past tense verb in English grammar.

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[ɪ] vs. [iy] Vowel Sounds | English Pronunciation Lesson

iy i updated elemental english

Use this lesson to improve distinguishing commonly mixed up vowel sounds: [iy] vs. [ɪ].

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[l] vs. [r] | English Pronunciation Lesson for Japanese Speakers | アメリカ英語の発音 | 無料オンライン英語教材

l r udated elemental english

Japanese and other English language learners can practice distinguishing the [l] and [r] sounds with this lesson.

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