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Silent Sounds in English | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice the pronunciation of words in English with silent consonant sounds, so that you don't get confused by the spelling.

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-ed ending: [t], [d] or [Id] | Slow Practice | English Pronunciation Lesson

-ed ending slow elemental english

Practice the 3 sounds of the -ed ending, [t], [d] and [ɪd], nice and slowly with this lesson.

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Consonant Clusters | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice changing the sounds of groups of consonants in words to speak with more efficiency and music, like a native English speaker.

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Consonant + Vowel Connected Speech | English Pronunciation Lesson

consonant vowel connected speech elemental english 620

One important way in which native English speakers add musicality to their speech is to connect consonants to vowel sounds (C+V). Practice C+ V with this lesson.

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Syllable Stress + Pronunciation Practice | Months of the Year

syllable stress months 620 elemental english

Practice stressing and de-stressing syllables to create the music of English in your speech with the months of the year.

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De-stressed Function Words | English Pronunciation Lesson

destressed function elemental english 620

Understand native English speakers better and improve the music of your English speech by practicing de-stressing function words with this lesson.

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Very, pretty, so, really | Intensifiers in English

very pretty so elemental english 620

Practice using the words "very", "pretty", "so" and "really" to describe the extent or amount of something in everyday, casual English.

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Already, Yet, Still | English Grammar Lesson

already yet still elemental english

"Already", "yet" and "still" are words we use to add time references to our sentences, especially when using the present perfect tense.

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Same Verbs and Nouns + Syllable Stress | English Pronunciation Lesson

verb noun stress elemental english

When a noun/adjective is spelled the exact same was as a verb in English, distinguish the two sounds by shifting their syllable stress.

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Future Verb Tense: “will”, “going to”, “gonna” | English Grammar Lesson


This lesson will help you talk about the future with the verbs "will", "going to" and "gonna".

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