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Q&A: How do you say “wanted”? | English Pronunciation


Practice deleted sounds in English to improve your ability to understand native English speakers.

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Connected speech here? | A Quick Question

qa QUICK ep 1 620 330 elemental english

Get a quick answer and explanation about connecting speech in English.

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Question: How can I stop inserting schwas [ə] in my speech?


Read Larissa's answer to the question "How can my student stop inserting schwas [ə] in their speech?"

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“Do you have a degree in English?” | Q&A with Larissa (SUBTITLES) | Practice Your Listening Skills

qa EE ep4 620 330

Improve and test your listening skills by hearing Larissa answer the question "Do you have a degree in English?"

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“Do you teach English in person?” | Q&A with Larissa (SUBTITLES)| Practice your Listening Skills


Listen to Larissa answer the question, "Do you teach in person in a classroom?" while practicing your English listening skills.

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“Are you a Native English Speaker?” | Q&A with Larissa | Practice Your Listening Skills

qaEP2 Elemental English listening skills

Practice your listening skills with Larissa's native English speaker's natural speech, which she answers the question "Are you a native English speaker?"

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Study Abroad Advice for English Students | Q&A with Larissa | Practice Your Listening Skills

qa EE youtube thumbnail2

Listen to study abroad advice for English language learners while improving your listening skills!

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Q&A: The use of the article “the”


When to use the definite article "the" in "the people" and other examples.

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