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Q&A: How do you say “wanted”? | English Pronunciation


Practice deleted sounds in English to improve your ability to understand native English speakers.

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Connected speech here? | A Quick Question

qa QUICK ep 1 620 330 elemental english

Get a quick answer and explanation about connecting speech in English.

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Pronunciation + Listening Practice | Ep. 8


Practice transforming and deleting sounds in this sentence to improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

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Rhythm Practice: Stress + De-Stress | English Pronunciation Lesson


Practice the music and rhythm of English by playing with the words in sentences.

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Pronunciation + Listening Practice | Ep. 7


Practice the way a native English speaker would transform this question in casual, everyday English to improve your own listening and pronunciation skills.

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Connected Speech Practice | English Pronunciation Lesson

connected speech practice elemental english 620 300

Practice connected speech as native English speakers use it to improve your own pronunciation and listening skills.

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Pronunciation + Listening Practice | Ep. 6


Analyze two simple sentences as spoken by a native (U.S.) English speaker to improve your pronunciation and listening skills.

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Writing + Editing a Professional Email: Editing Practice!


Practice editing a professional email, and see Larissa's corrections to the original! Remember, good writing = good editing.

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Improve Your Writing in English: Editing Practice!


Improve your ability to write sophisticated professional or academic writing with these tips and editing examples.

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Emphasis in English | English Pronunciation Lesson


See how native English speakers use the music of English to express meaning or emotion that is not expressed directly through words.

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