• Q&A with Larissa: Are you a native English speaker?

    Q&A with Larissa: Are you a native English speaker?

    Practice your listening skills with Larissa's native English speaker's natural speech, which she answers the question "Are you a native English speaker?"

  • Larissa's 2014 Message!

    Larissa's 2014 Message!

    Watch and listen to Larissa's first New Years video message, and use this video to practice your listening skills.

  • Pronunciation Lessons

    Pronunciation Lessons

    Master the rules behind the music of English to improve your clarity and confidence when speaking, as well as your listening skills.

  • How to...

    How to...

    Learn about the essential and practice "how to"s in English, such as how to order at Starbucks, how to politely disagree in English and so much more!

  • U.S. Culture English Lessons

    U.S. Culture English Lessons

    Learn about American cultural traditions, such as the Thanksgiving holiday and dating in America, and practice talking about them.

  • Grammar Lessons

    Grammar Lessons

    Check out English grammar lessons to learn about the building blocks of English, including lessons on verbs, articles, nouns and more.

Recent Lessons

gerunds elemental english

Gerunds: -ing action words in English | English Grammar Lesson

Gerunds look like verbs, sound like verbs, smell like verbs, but they're not verbs -- they're nouns! Practice how to use them in this grammar lesson with audio.

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qa EE ep4 620 330

“Do you have a degree in English?” | Q&A with Larissa (SUBTITLES) | Practice Your Listening Skills

Improve and test your listening skills by hearing Larissa answer the question "Do you have a degree in English?"

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Pronunciation of Vowel Sounds in Spoken English (with IPA)

Get comfortable with moving your mouth in new positions to correct pronounce vowel sounds in English.

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ey vowel sound elemental english

[ey] vowel sound | English Pronunciation Lesson

Practice pulling your lips back to create the [ey] vowel sound and to avoid confusion.

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