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syllable stress months 620 elemental english

Syllable Stress + Pronunciation Practice | Months of the Year

Practice stressing and de-stressing syllables to create the music of English in your speech with the months of the year.

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destressed function elemental english 620

De-stressed Function Words | English Pronunciation Lesson

Understand native English speakers better and improve the music of your English speech by practicing de-stressing function words with this lesson.

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pronunciation practice elemental english ep 3 620

Pronunciation + Listening Practice: wh-questions | Ep. 3

Improve your pronunciation and listening skills by analyzing and practicing this wh-question.

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very pretty so elemental english 620

Very, pretty, so, really | Intensifiers in English

Practice using the words "very", "pretty", "so" and "really" to describe the extent or amount of something in everyday, casual English.

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